Ecosystems are the future

Ecosystems are the future
The picture today might be less stable than it was even just a couple of months ago, but our vision for the future of benefits design, delivery and management has never been clearer – or more needed. In this session you can find out how, with MMB, we’re continually building towards that future – one where local ecosystems of technologies and providers offer the most relevant, personalised and engaging experiences. We know that the stronger we are locally, the stronger we are globally. So these local ecosystems are interconnected at the global level, providing the strongest foundation on which to build an overarching picture of benefits that can be optimised centrally and tailored locally.

Stephen Migliaccio, Director, Global Provider Automation, Thomson Online Benefits

July 16th, 4-5pm SGT | 9-10am BST

This session will also be ran on July 15th at 4pm BST | 11am EDT. You can sign up for the session here.

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