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HR and Reward professionals must ensure they take a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. All pillars of wellbeing – financial, mental, physical and social – are important. They are all interconnected and should not be considered in isolation.
We’ve collated all our UK benefits research into this library of resources so you can take a holistic approach to your employees’ wellbeing.

Supporting your employees with their physical wellbeing

92% of employees feel they need to improve their physical health. While they value the support their employer offers, they are still prioritising other areas of their wellbeing. Read the infographic for how best to support your employees with their physical health.


Supporting your employees with their mental wellbeing

Many of the barriers preventing employees from improving their own mental wellbeing are associated with the workplace. Read the blog for how best to support your employees – from offering counselling to mental health first aiders and even in-office massages.


The rise of social wellbeing

Read the blog to find out how to create a culture that prioritises social interactions and inclusiveness to increase your employee engagement.


Social wellbeing in the workplace

Watch the video for how employers can improve social connectedness at work with lunches, drinks and frequent success celebrations.

Supporting your employees with their financial wellbeing

Whatever their financial situation, your employees are all looking for support. Read our infographic to help your employees with their individual financial wellbeing journeys.

OVO: How to support your employees' financial wellness

Listen to Jo Fairweather, OVO’s Head of Reward and Wellbeing, discuss their award-winning approach to supporting the financial wellness of their employees.

Listen to the podcast

Tackling mental wellbeing in the workplace

When creating an environment to support employees’ mental health, there are many things to consider: leading by example, an open environment and having workplace champions. Read our blog to find out more.

Think bigger than pensions

Listen to the podcast to learn about the financial products available in the market and how to implement a programme that truly supports your employees' financial wellbeing.

How do financial worries impact wellbeing?

Discover the impact financial worries have on physical and mental wellbeing, with a deep dive into the effects of lack of sleep.

Listen to this podcast to understand how it impacts your employees.

Digitalisation of workplace health

Employers are increasingly turning to technology to drive improved health within their workforces, with positive repercussions for both society and the public purse. Find out more by reading the blog.


What is financial anxiety and who does it impact?

Discover how you can help employees make incremental improvements to their finances to reduce their financial anxiety with our podcast!

Listen to understand more about financial anxiety.

Why UK employers should lend a helping hand

Many UK adults are lost when it comes to their finances.

We investigated the finnacial health of over 2000 participants. Get our gifographic now to find out the results.