Analytics: how top employers are getting ahead in global benefits

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Only 15% of employers strongly agree that they have accurate global benefits cost data*.

So how are the other 85% making informed decisions? Annual benefits spend often reaches hundreds of millions of dollars globally for the majority of organizations. But with spend fragmented across markets, countries, providers and products, most have difficulty accessing reliable data on both the cost and impact of their benefits program.

Watch our webinar recording for an exclusive insight into how top employers, with robust global benefits governance, are demonstrating tangible ROI. In this recording, we explore the route to achieving this, highlighting the importance of harmonizing benefits with other areas of your HR management.

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  • Streamline your global benefits management processes, ensuring your employee data is protected and you can effectively manage your providers

  • Create robust end-to-end reporting to help you evaluate and measure success

  • Use the data insights from reporting to drive your decision making

* Statistics from Global Employee Benefits Watch 2016/17 report.

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